Hours of Operation

Trips are scheduled to coincide with our hours of operation which are 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday - Friday.

For scheduled destinations in our 60 mile radius, plans would be to arrive at the destination at 9AM and depart again at 3PM.

For scheduled destinations that are further, we would plan to arrive at the destination at 10:30 AM and depart again at 3PM.


Special arrangements may be made outside of this time frame only by approval of dispatch office and ability to accommodate the request.  Consideration must be made for other passengers that may be on the trip who cannot exceed these hours.



How To Reserve a Ride

Reservations are made by calling the office at 438-2192 by noon the business day prior to desired ride date.

Office hours are Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Closed on Holidays

When contacting Benson County Transportation to request a ride, please be prepared to provide the following information

1. Full name of each passenger

2. Pickup and Drop off locations:  exact street address, building name, entrance door number etc.

3. Time of your medical appointments

4. Whether you will have a guest or a personal attendant traveling with you

5. Any assistive devices that will be used.

6.  Any assistance needed from driver

7. Name and telephone number of person making the reservation if other than the passenger

Cancellation Procedures

Scheduled rides must be canceled ASAP so other passengers’ needs can be met.  Latest time to cancel is preferably by noon the business day before.  Day of ride cancellations must be made at least 2 hrs. in advance or may incur fare normally charged. Cancellations are made by calling 701-438-2192. 

Pickup and Travel Procedures


Passengers will be provided with a scheduled pick up time.  Passengers should be ready 15 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time and allow 15 minutes to pass beyond their scheduled pick up time before calling Benson County Transportation to inquire about the status of the ride.  The vehicle will wait until five minutes past the scheduled pick up time.  Reasonable attempts will be made to alert the passenger that the vehicle is waiting.  If the passenger does not appear within the five minutes, the driver will be instructed to leave and the ride will be considered a “no show”.



Benson County Transportation is “origin to destination” service, meaning that driver assistance is provided in order to safely transport passengers from their origin to their destination.  If a passenger requires assistance to the vehicle in order to complete their trip, then assistance will be provided from the door of the building or residence.  If the passenger needs assistance beyond the door, they should have someone meet them or have a personal care attendant and/or guest accompany them on the ride. 


The driver will not assist individuals in wheelchairs in or out of buildings or residences that are not accessible (other than opening doors for them), nor will drivers push wheelchairs through areas that have not been cleared of snow.  It is the passenger’s responsibility to make sure that walkways are cleared of snow and other obstructions. Those passengers in wheelchairs needing direct assistance may have an attendant ride with at no cost; but make known to transportation service at time of reservation to assure seating space is reserved. Drivers are not permitted to perform any personal care assistance for riders, including accessing a passenger’s wallet, purse or backpack, or write and/or fill in any information on a passenger’s personal check.